Our Journey




Hello, I'm D'Anna! I started Earth & Envy® in 2016 after what I would like to call a “discovery transition,” in my life. I began using natural salts during my bath to destress while in an abusive marriage. I was balancing trying to make an angry man happy, being a mother, and my job so I had a lot to deal with. Soaking while listening to Yolanda Adams (When You Believe) and Eric Thomas (etthehiphoppreacher) on repeat was my way of escaping from the pain that I was dealing with at the time. It was my first act of self-care.

I loved how it nourished my skin and how it helped exfoliate, heal, and soften scarred areas that I spent years feeling ashamed about. After that came the courage to step out on faith, fight back (literally), and escape that marriage. It was a tumultuous time but it shaped the person that I am now. It sounds weird to say but “salt” kind of changed my life. Taking that personal time was the one act of self-love, and self-care, to help give me the courage to fight back against everything and everyone that told me that I wasn’t good enough including myself. Because sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. When I found that level of love in myself, I wanted to share it and remind others that they are worthy of the same. Our motto is Love Yourself. Everyday. It’s a reminder that you are deserving of the best and greatest level of love. We love to support personal care product companies or crafters that do the same. Companies whose mission is to spread love and laughter in the lives of others just like mine.

Earth & Envy® is a bulk bath ingredient supply company that specializes in providing bath product ingredients to DIY crafters and businesses. We are located in North Carolina. We are certainly passionate about what we do, and we would love to be your supply partner.