Our Journey


At Earth & Envy™, our mission is to connect with, kindle, and inspire the unwavering desire for our customers to love themselves.

Earth & Envy™ is a handcrafted natural and organic lifestyle beauty brand. It was started out of D'Anna's desire to learn proper mind and body care after suffering years of depression. Learning how to love herself was the beginning of Earth & Envy™ in 2018 when she discovered that the best things for body care are the ones that are truly ALL natural. The journey began simply by her mixing her own oils and creating her own serums. As time went on, she perfected her creations and began sharing them. 

Earth & Envy™ is committed to not compromising and creating only the most natural and simple beauty products. Products made of the most potent ingredients. Staying true to herself, her values, and her love for inspiring others to learn to love themselves through education and self care continues to be Earth & Envy's core mission.