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We are totally stoked that you would consider us as a wholesale thanks!!! Our goal is to ensure that we can provide your business with the best service. That's why we offer a few options for your business to choose from when it comes to wholesale.

If you would like to partner with us directly, just click the link below to connect with us. If you prefer to partner with us through Faire, just scroll down to the next section to follow the link to our Faire store.

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Private Label Services

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Earth & Envy provides Private label services for businesses big and small. We service spas, retail stores, and more. When partnering with us, you get a full team of specialists who work on your project from start to finish. 

Our Process

  1. Connect with your assigned Project Specialist, and Begin Project Planning
  2. Product & Package Development/Design
  3. Product Approval & Delivery of Goods

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