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Earth & Envy

Dead Sea Magnesium Bath Flakes 2LB

Dead Sea Magnesium Bath Flakes 2LB

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Earth & Envy® Dead Sea Magnesium Bath Flakes

Pure, Authentic, and Mineral-Rich

Quality You Can Feel

Our Earth & Envy® Dead Sea Magnesium Bath Flakes are a luxurious blend of ancient wisdom and modern wellness. Sourced directly from the depths of the legendary Dead Sea, these flakes encapsulate the essence of purity and rejuvenation. Let's dive into why our Dead Sea Magnesium Bath Flakes stand out:

- The Original & Authentic: Accept no substitutes. Our flakes are **pure and sourced from the Dead Sea**, where mineral-rich waters have flowed for millennia. Each crystal carries the legacy of this mystical salt lake.

- Natural Sleep Aid: Immerse yourself in a bath infused with Earth & Envy® Dead Sea Magnesium Bath Flakes. The magnesium interacts with your GABA receptors, promoting relaxation and supporting restful sleep.

- Transdermal Magic: As you soak, these flakes dissolve in water, allowing pure magnesium to be **absorbed directly into your bloodstream and cellular level**. It's like a spa treatment in the comfort of your home.

 Elevate Your Wellness Rituals

- Skin Softening: Experience velvety-smooth skin. The minerals in our flakes hydrate and rejuvenate, leaving you feeling renewed.

- Relieve Physical Stress: Whether it's sore muscles from exercise or the weight of daily life, these flakes offer relief. Soak away tension and fatigue.

- Holistic Beauty: Incorporate our flakes into your skincare routine. Create a gentle exfoliating scrub or add them to your favorite body wash for a spa-like treat.

Usage Tips:

- Bathing: Dissolve a generous handful of Earth & Envy® Dead Sea Magnesium Bath Flakes in warm water. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let the minerals envelop you.

- Self-Care Sanctuary: Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. Light a candle, play soothing music, and let the healing properties of the Dead Sea transport you.

Earth & Envy® - Where Nature Meets Wellness


*Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a healthcare professional if you have specific health concerns.*

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